Breitbart roving reporter Lee Stranahan is covering Ben Shapiro’s appearance tonight at the University of Missouri, where racial incidents led to a student hunger strike and the resignation of the university’s president and chancellor. The school also introduced the world to the “media-free safe space” designated by hand-drawn signs and guarded by school professors who won’t hesitate to call in muscle to enforce its sacred borders.

The media-free safe spaces have since been lifted, allowing Shapiro to speak freely at Mizzou, where he promises to take on “white supremacy,” “white privilege,” and “microaggressions.”

Stranahan captured a photo of the College Republicans’ safe space.

College Republican Safe Space

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Even the media has its own safe space.

Shapiro’s arrival on campus gave him a newfound perspective on the school and the tensions boiling just beneath its surface.

Oh yeah, the student body president is sorry for alarming the campus with an unfounded rumor that the KKK was roaming around just outside the residence halls.

That was some fast thinking. It turns out the university has a policy against allowing speakers arranged by student groups to use university podiums, as the school’s logo might imply endorsement of the speaker.

Who knows how many students in attendance will engage in mini hunger strikes, refusing to eat or drink until after the speech?

If you’re quick, you can still catch the speech live: