Today, outraged students are marching to teach us all a lesson: That their education should be priceless. Literally. As in, they don’t want to pay for their education.

And for those of you coldhearted, soulless people out there, maybe these sad tales of woe will help melt the ice water in your veins:

Don’t you feel just awful for them? It’s not their fault they owe money! They didn’t know what they were getting into! Nobody told them that when you take out a ginormous loan, you’re expected to pay it back! Or that you might want to think carefully about the major you choose.

We especially liked this woman, who so perfectly embodies what the #MillionStudentMarch is all about:

We didn’t even know it was possible to spend $280,000 on a Chinese medicine degree, let alone think it’d be a good idea.

And yet, here we are.



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