Shaun King, the #BlackLivesMatter activist who went on to found the nonprofit Justice Together, inspired the hashtag #ShaunKingLetMeDown Saturday after he announced via Facebook that Justice Together, envisioned as a nationwide organization with chapters in all 50 states and at 300 universities, would instead launch as a pilot project in Georgia.

King cited death threats as one reason he’d been distracted from the Justice Together launch, and today he says that someone has stolen his trash to secure a DNA sample for testing.

Why would anyone want King’s DNA? In August, the #BlackLivesMatter activist was accused of lying about being “mixed race” and posted an epic-length response on Twitter that failed to provide a simple yes or no to the question, are you white? CNN’s Don Lemon was denied a simple yes or no answer as well.

At this point, who knows if the claims made in the email are true? The only thing that’s clear is that a lot of people are demanding that the New York Daily News’ new senior justice writer disclose where the money for the Justice Together nonprofit went, and a lot of supporters are sticking by King.

At least one reporter has reached out for the rest of the story. Let’s see if King takes her up on the offer.

He certainly seems serious.