Last night, many who tuned in to watch Saturday Night Live were curious if anybody would accept the challenge to call Donald Trump a racist. One person did just that, but it wasn’t impromptu:

“Saturday Night Live” didn’t waste any time defusing the Deport Racism challenge, which offered $5,000 to anyone who managed to disrupt the broadcast by shouting, “Trump is a racist!”

Larry David, who had just wrapped up a sketch playing Bernie Sanders, decided to claim the bounty by shouting the line from offstage.

Here’s how it happened:

Even though it was part of a scripted gag, David still supposedly “won” the $5,000:

However, not everybody saw the humor in that bit:

Larry David sure did manage to curb some enthusiasm:

Some of the biggest criticism for David came from a writer for Grist:

Enthusiasm = Curbed!

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