Twitter blew up yesterday as a video went viral showing a school resource officer at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC violently arresting a female student.

Here’s what we know as of this morning…

First up, here’s the video of the first student getting arrested ICYMI yesterday:

That’s pretty hard to watch. The officer was allegedly called to class over a cellphone:

A Second student named Niya Kenny, who left her seat to question why the first student was being arrested, was arrested herself and charged with “disturbing school.”

Ms. Kenny explained in an interview with WLTX that the student getting arrested was first asked to leave class by the teacher. When the student didn’t leave, an administrator was called. And when the student still refused to exit the classroom, the school resource office was called in:

Some are questioning the teacher’s actions during the arrest and wonder why he asked her to leave class in the first place:

The school resource officer has been identified as Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields:

And an army veteran is speaking out about his encounter with Fields:

The Sheriff’s department has asked for a federal review of what happened:

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says he’s asked the FBI to investigate an incident involving a school resource officer at Spring Valley High School.

Monday night Lott called the Special Agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigations for South Carolina, Dave Thomas, to request an independent investigation of the incident. Tuesday morning the Sheriff followed up with a formal written request to U.S. Attorney William Nettles and Thomas for the US Justice Department asking for a formal investigation.

Richland School District 2 school officials have banned the officer from the district in response to a video supposedly taken at Spring Valley High School showing the officer slamming and dragging a student from her desk.

Deputy Fields has been placed on leave pending an investigation: