Shocker. Turns out the Gawker story from earlier today reporting that Gov. Chris Christie was kicked out of the “quiet car” on an Amtrak train traveling from D.C. to New Jersey for “screaming” into his cellphone is totally bogus.

Katie Klabusich, a liberal writer and radio host for @NetrootsRadio, is says she was sitting across from Christie when the incident occurred, and it’s not at all as Gawker reported:

Klabusich’s version of events fits what Christie’s campaign told the New York Times:


Gawker did update their post at 4:34 to take into account Klabusich’s version of events, but the damage is already done with the MSM picking up the story as well as Christie–quiet car jokes all over Twitter. Some examples:

Now, when will all these journos issue a correction? We’ll wait.