Confession time: We’re genuinely curious what pop star Katy Perry is going to be wearing to perform at a rally for Hillary Clinton this evening in Des Moines, Iowa. Performing at two Obama rallies in 2012, Perry wore dresses designed to look like Obama’s “Forward” logo (which might just as well have read “Fore!”) and a ballot with the box for Obama/Biden filled in. Will her fashion designer come up with some pantsuit-themed costume?

Who cares? Left Shark of Super Bowl halftime show fame is in the house.

Perry had warned that politics was going pop, as if we didn’t know that already. She reportedly “took over” Clinton’s Instagram account today and gave this preview of her wardrobe preparations.

What’s more “pop” than a 67-year-old pantsuit aficionado?

As soon as the set is finished.

We have a request: Is there any way we could just hear Perry scrape those freshly painted nails on a chalkboard in lieu of Clinton’s speech? The horror of her cackling during the Benghazi hearing still has us on edge.

Judge for yourself from this clip. For some reason Perry decided a red turban would fit the occasion.

Clinton and Perry already have one heckler who took to the skies with his message.

… and that’s it for Perry.

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