As the #BlackLivesMatter movement gained traction in the media, it was only natural that others with liberal grievances would attach themselves and march alongside. One such group was Disarm NYPD, whose aim remains “the immediate disarming of the NYPD” and the transfer of power from government to community councils “to make the police obsolete.”

Today, Chicago activists and anarchists joined forces to make their contribution to the #NationalDayOfProtest with a get-together they called the “I Shocked the Sheriff Counter-Conference against the International Association of Chiefs of Police” — #StopTheCops for short.

Anyone who scoffed at the idea that the taking down of the Confederate flag at the State House in South Carolina wouldn’t eventually extend to the American flag are welcome to watch this clown struggle to pull down this symbol of global terrorism.


Marchers took over the streets, while protesters with arms chained together inside tubes or pipes blocked intersections. (The “What Does This Prove?” award still goes to the protesters in Boston who managed to chain their arms together inside 1,200 lb. barrels.)

Or, more accurately, sitting down for his own selfish reasons.

If today was the first step, there must be a second if the ultimate goal is to make the police obsolete.