This is highly problematic, you guys:

Quelle horreur!

Business Insider asked Jeremy Renner, who also starred in “American Hustle,” if he would also be willing to negotiate alongside his female co-stars on future projects. He also was paid more than Adams and Lawrence for his role in the film, according to a Sony email leaked during the hack on the company.

“That’s not my job,” Renner said, while taking part in an intimate press day on Tuesday for the new “One Life/Live Them” campaign he’s doing for Rémy Martin Cognac.

Adding he fully supports actresses receiving equal pay as actors, he said he’s more focused on his craft than what everyone is making.

Naturally, the Outrage Brigade is flipping their lids:

Too bad these doofuses apparently didn’t take the time to, you know, read what Renner actually said. They could’ve saved themselves a lot of wasted breath and wrist-flapping.

Because not only is Renner not wrong, but he’s pretty darn logical about the whole thing:

There you go!

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