The Texas State Capitol in Austin was ground zero in the fight over abortion restrictions in 2013. There have been many attempts to ban late-term abortions, but nothing matched the circus in Texas, as state Sen. Wendy Davis held an 11-hour filibuster to protect the right to abort after five months of pregnancy.

Protesters brought tampons to hurl at legislators, packed the Capitol from wall to wall and held a midnight scream-fest. Some chained themselves to railings and wore “bloody” white T-shirts; others had portraits of Wendy Davis glued to their nails at the local salon.

“They are voting right now! Only way to stop it is total chaos,” tweeted one protester. But despite the chaos, the bill passed.

That was what Austin looked like then. This week, the Austin City Council very quietly voted 9-2 in support of Planned Parenthood. The Austin American-Statesman reported Thursday that the resolution gives city lobbyists in the nation’s capital “the go-ahead to fight any legislation that would defund the health care provider.”

Texas Right to Life had a different reaction. notes that the resolution would “force Austin taxpayers to foot the bill for de facto Planned Parenthood lobbyists at the state and federal levels.” The draft resolution reads (in part) that:

WHEREAS, since 2003, the Texas Legislature has passed bills every session that chip away at access to reproductive services including implementing burdensome regulations, decreasing funding for services, and enacting extreme restrictions…

The City’s federal legislative agenda is hereby amended to (1) support any legislation that would maintain or expand funding for Planned Parenthood; and (2) oppose any legislation that would reduce funding for Planned Parenthood or endanger access to affordable health care.

LifeNews also reports that Planned Parenthood Greater Texas spokeswoman Sarah Wheat “asked the council to approve the resolution immediately without amendments, mentioning that Planned Parenthood was under eight state and federal investigations in Texas.”

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