It sure sounded like it.

During this afternoon’s State Department press briefing, State spokesman John Kirby had this to say:

He really said it (starts around the 7:05 mark):

Pretty slimy, Mr. Kirby.

He later suggested that while Israel has a right to protect its citizens, it may be doing so through “excessive use of force”:

“We’re not going to dictate immediate security requirements onto Israel. The Israeli government has a right and a responsibility to protect its citizens,” Kirby added. “We’ve certainly seen some reports of what many would consider excessive use of force. Obviously we don’t like to see that.”

So, if we’re understanding you correctly, sir, you don’t like to see Israelis fighting back against the people trying to murder them? But you’ll sit back and let the Obama administration write this off as an unfortunate boo-boo?

What’s it going to take for this administration to outright condemn Palestinian terrorism? There’s a clear moral divide here. This shouldn’t be so difficult.

That’s certainly one explanation. Another is that they just flat-out hate Israel.

Palestinian terrorists are murdering Israelis. Israelis are defending themselves. To equate those two sides is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. And downright reprehensible.



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