As Twitchy told you, Hillary’s loudly come out against TPP. After loudly being for it. It was a long, agonizing (read: blatantly politically motivated) decision, one she arrived at after learning a tough lesson, according to CNN senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny:


Is that what they’re calling it these days?

Evidently that’s what Chuck Todd was up to as well.

Pretty much:

C’mon, dude. Seriously?

No, it’s really him. He makes himself look like a shameless sycophant all on his own.

Word of advice to Zeleny, Todd, and their fellow Hillary lapdogs:

And if that doesn’t work:



‘This is humiliating’: ‘Queen Flip Flopper’ Hillary comes out against her beloved TPP

Did TPP flip-flopper Hillary even READ her book before sending it to GOP candidates?