According to history as written by the New York Times Magazine, Johnetta Elzie — aka ShordeeDooWhop — is the “other” founder of the #BlackLivesMovement, along with the much higher profile DeRay Mckesson, who has recently been seen all over the Capitol lobbying senators for Campaign Zero, a multi-pronged effort to regulate law enforcement nationally and thus end police brutality against minorities.

Today, though, Mckesson is teaching his second session of a one-credit course at Yale Divinity School entitled “Transformational Leadership in the Black Lives Matter Movement,” and Elize is there. If you’d like to follow along, your first reading assignment is an article called “In Defense of Looting.” (Don’t tell anyone, but we’re going to copy Elize’s notes.)

Insert collective sigh of disappointment here.

If you feel like you missed out and would like a copy of the class syllabus, it’s available on the Yale Divinity School website as a Word document.

(Hat tip: David)

* * *

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