As we told you, Townhall editor Katie Pavlich gave a speech Monday night at the University of Delaware on the 2nd Amendment that was disrupted by a #BlackLivesMatter protest. One protester even asked Katie, “Do you see your whiteness?,” whatever that means.

Anyway, the latest is that “nooses” were allegedly spotted near Mitchel Hall on campus after Katie’s event. We have “nooses” in quotes because what we’re seeing doesn’t really look like a “noose” at all. The objects are described by DelawareOnline as “made of string with bent hangers attached to the ends“:

Here’s a another view. It’s hard to tell, but these “nooses” look tiny. Are we wrong?

According to Fusion News, the “noose” pic was first uploaded by Delaware Student Harry Lewis, who also called the police in to investigate. Here’s his pic:

As of this morning, however, Lewis is backpedaling after he says people are telling him those metal hooks were in the tree prior to Katie’s speech:

No, they do not look like nooses, but continue…

Just spit-balling here, but was it someone who wanted to hang a decoration from a tree?

Because nobody thought it looked like a noose?

Um, yes?

No, it speaks volumes about you.

Sorry, kid, but that’s not how it works. Your pic has gone viral and we’ll be hearing about it all, day long:

According to Fusion, university police are investigating but based on what Lewis wrote this morning, we’re guessing that his “hate crime” will go down as just another hoax.

Of note, however … check out the rhetoric University President Nancy Targett uses in this email to students. If this isn’t a “hate crime,” she’ll need to do some serious back-pedaling:

“UD Police are investigating a racist display found outside of Mitchell Hall tonight and it is being investigated as a hate crime, ” University police stated in an e-mail that was sent campus-wide.

“Such cowardly and reprehensible acts are clearly designed to intimidate
and frighten, and they are unacceptable on our campus,” wrote University of Delaware President Nancy Targett in another e-mail. “These hateful acts stand in stark contrast to the peaceful protest and discussion held near the same spot just one day earlier.”

We’ll update as soon as we know more.

Update. As predicted, it’s not a hate crime:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.



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