And we thought Barbara Boxer was trying to be an informed public servant.

Appearing on Thomas Roberts’ MSNBC show today, Senator Ma’am explained just what she thinks of those horrific videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s butchery-for-profit. In the process, she showed off her amazing ability to form opinions despite her staggering lack of intellectual curiosity:

Think Grenell is joking? Think again (video here).


Roberts: So have you watched these videotapes, Senator?

Boxer: I watched them when they first came out, but they’re doctored, and they were done in secret, and to me, that’s the worst of the worst. And I said to my staff, just give me summaries. I’m not gonna do that, because what they did was horrible.

So, let’s get this straight: Boxer has no problem with Planned Parenthood murdering babies and harvesting their organs for money, but the people who exposed their butchery are “horrible”?

Never gonna watch all of the videos either. Why should she? She’s perfectly satisfied with her staff’s summaries.

Yep. And she’s far too busy and important to waste her time with the truth.

That’s our Babs — and our media:



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