Remember the twenty climate scientists we told you about last week who wrote an open letter to President Obama and AG Lynch asking for the Department of Justice to use the RICO act to investigate “corporations and other organizations” that they claim “have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change”?

Well here’s a little more information on Jagadish Shukla, the top-billed scientist on the letter. According to this report unearthed by Roger Pielke Jr., Shukla and his wife are getting really rich at taxpayer expense:

(Here’s a better link than the one above to Shukla’s salary at George Mason Univ. )

And in total:

Great. Taxpayers are funding Shukla’s call to tear up the Constitution and criminally prosecute people he doesn’t agree with. Time for that to come to an end.



Alarmists enraged: 20 climate scientists ask Obama to use the RICO act to go after global warming skeptics