Let’s face it: there are plenty of Planned Parenthood supporters who refuse to believe the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress showing fetal organ harvesting are real. Amanda Marcotte accused Carly Fiorina of encouraging GOP debate viewers “to watch some Planned Parenthood video that only happened in her head.”

Of course, the ones accusing the CMP of releasing “fake” and “heavily edited” videos are abortion activists. But as Twitchy reported, Wednesday’s GOP debate delivered CNN its largest audience in history, drawing nearly 23 million viewers — and as Commentary’s Noah Rothman notes, Fiorina’s “grisly rant” was the very first that millions of Americans had even heard of the videos.

Rothman reports:

The videos are evidence of a conspiracy to subvert the spirit if not the letter of the law prohibiting a generation of profit off of the sale of human tissue. As of August 31, the major three broadcast networks had played a grand total of 1 minute and 13 seconds of the hours of footage exposing this scandal. For the entire month of August, the revelations contained in these videos were entirely absent from network airwaves.

And the videos haven’t stopped coming. Ten videos have been released so far, some of the most damning emerging long after the networks provided that minute of coverage. As Rothman observed:

While the rest of the Republican field bickered over who had devoted more of their energies and had more success in stripping Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funds on the state level, Fiorina took the opportunity to speak over the networks’ heads, do the work that the mainstream press has declined to do, and educate the public about this scandal.