As we told you earlier, the Internet is outraged that school officials in Irving, Texas called the cops on 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed after they grew suspicious of a homemade clock he brought to school.

Even Hillary Clinton weighed in, telling young Ahmed to “stay curious.

President Obama one-upped Hillary, writing that clock is “cool” and Ahmed should bring it to the White House:

But now we have a picture of the clock that started all the fuss. Here it is:

We’re just spit-balling here, but if this “clock” were mailed to President Obama, we bet the Secret Service might not be too “cool” with it.

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne defended the police department and school district over on her Facebook page, saying that the school followed “procedures procedures in the sole interest of protecting our children and school personnel”;


Thoughts? Is this clock suspicious enough looking to justify what happened?



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