#BlackLivesMatters members decided early on in the campaign cycle that Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders needed to be tested on his commitment to racial justice. Leaving the stage at Netroots Nation after #BlackLivesMatters activists literally took over the microphone, Sanders tried to get across the fact that he was part of the March on Washington in 1963, but at that point the event had descended into chaos.

The voice of reason turned out to be Deray McKesson, who tweeted to Sanders, “The first draft of your racial justice platform has promise. When will you be available to discuss enhancements w/ folks?” Sanders agreed to a meeting, and just more than a month later, he and McKesson will join up in Washington, D.C.

Like him or not, there’s something odd about Bernie Sanders of all candidates having to answer to the new “elders” of the civil rights movement (McKesson is 30). We’re not sure who else makes up the rest of McKesson’s “we.”

No one has said. Then again, Hillary Clinton held her meeting with #BlackLivesMatter representatives behind closed doors following an event they were locked out of due to those darned fire codes or something.

It’s complicated.

* * *


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