The Daily Currant has struck again, this time possibly tricking Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher into thinking that the satirical website’s latest piece on Sarah Palin was real!

Swisher is denying she was duped, however, so we’ll post everything that happened and let you decide for yourself.

First up, here’s the fake news story:

Clearly fake, right?

Now … here’s what Swisher tweeted last night:

This certainly doesn’t read like someone who knows that they’ve just linked to a fake story.

After much mocking — and 3 hours later — Swisher posted this, claiming she knew all along that it was a fake news site:

But — and it’s a big ‘but’ — immediately after tweeting the story in the first place, Swisher’s own words in a response to podcaster PJ Vogt do sound like she’s admitting she was duped. You decide:

Michelle Malkin, and others, called her on it, with Swisher brushing it off:

Over to you, readers. Should we “move along” or does Swisher owe Palin an apology?



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