“Hottest take of all? Could be:

And to prove their point, Vox found a 72-year old woman from Elongee, SC:

For real. This is the only quote in the article that backs up their “racial undertone” theory:

Sometimes, however, these citations of Carson’s biography can have an implicit — or not so implicit — racial undertone. “He would be a wonderful role model for everyone, especially for the black people,” 72-year-old Peggy Kemmerly of Elongee said. “You know, to get them off entitlements. He could open doors. Well, doors have been opened for them, but unfortunately they haven’t accessed them.” And Kolar said that he hoped Carson “removes the hyphen” in African-American to identify as “just American, to heal the racial divide we’ve been forced into.”

Of course, if Carson wasn’t doing well in the polls, it would probably be because Republicans are racists, too:

And racism explains Donald Trump’s popularity as well:



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