As Twitchy reported yesterday, National Review contributing editor Jim Geraghty gave the world some “you are there” perspective on the Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream Summit by leaning out the window and posting photos of the protests out front. The highlight was someone dressed as the Koch Bros. skyscraper; that is, until the puppeteers got serious and brought out their giant Scott Walker puppet.

Speaking today at #Dream15 was Sen. Marco Rubio, who also appeared in giant puppet form.

She might be right. Republicans have been relying on speeches, debates and town hall meetings to win over voters, while progressives dominate the giant freaky puppet game. We wonder why Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal, who also spoke at #Dream15, didn’t rate their own puppets. Poll numbers?

It’s not really a puppet, but this Bernie Sanders float shows a willingness to get down and dirty with the papier-mâché.

Just for fun, here’s a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” puppet that Sally Kohn called “powerful and beautiful.”

We just don’t understand the People’s Climate March puppet, unless it was lying around in storage.

Don’t confuse the People’s Climate March with the Forward on Climate March.

Eunice P. Justice isn’t gigantic or papier-mâché but a good size for a talking uterus.