Is James O’Keefe going after Hillary Clinton as the next target of one of his awesome undercover investigations? Could be…

TIME magazine’s Zeke Miller reports:

And from the article:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign offices around the country have been put on alert after at least two women approached Iowa staff under the guise of being supporters in an apparent effort to catch the campaign engaging in improper or illegal activity, a Clinton campaign official said.

The motivations of the women is not known, but their alleged techniques match those of Project Veritas, the conservative group run by James O’Keefe, which specializes in undercover stings meant to embarrass liberal groups and politicians. The group declined to comment on the Clinton campaign’s allegations. “Project Veritas does not comment on investigations, real or imagined,” said Daniel Pollack, the director of communications for the group.

Oh, we hope it isn’t imagined and there’s a video coming out soon! Although paranoia is just as good an explanation:



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