Legal affairs reporter for the Huffington Post Cristian Farías has a new piece out on the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship that’s turning heads today, but not in a good way. He claims — believe it or not — that even proposing to amend the constitution is somehow unconstitutional.

For real:

An excerpt:

It turns out that the very idea of amending the Constitution to end birthright citizenship for the children of immigrants — a move that squarely targets Latinos — would probably be found unconstitutional. The same would be true for a Republican-backed bill with a similar goal that’s pending in Congress.

Tweeters from both the left and the right quickly pushed back on this nonsense, sparking a lively back-and-forth with Farías attempting to defend his position:


Many others jumped in to mock the HuffPo reporter as well:

Maybe they should put their legal affairs reporting in their Entertainment section right next to their Donald Trump reporting? We’re certainly entertained by it!



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