We “climate deniers” often display our ignorance to our science-minded superiors by asking if one particularly hot or cold day isn’t a sign of climate change and instead something we used to call “the weather.”

We’re still confused, even after reading a blog post by Slate meteorologist Eric Holthaus, “July Was Earth’s Hottest Month Ever Recorded,” and its accompanying tweet.

… on Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that not only was last month the hottest July on record globally, it was also the hottest month on record overall. Since NOAA started keeping track in 1880, there has never been a hotter month. That’s a very big deal.

That’s not the scary part:

… carbon dioxide levels are increasing really quickly. The rate of change is faster than at any point in Earth’s entire 4.5 billion year history, likely 10 times faster than during Earth’s worst mass extinction—the “Great Dying”—in which more than 90 percent of ocean species perished. Our planet has simply never undergone the kind of stress we’re currently putting on it.

Wow, we’ve really been jerks for the last 4.5 billion years, messing with the earth’s thermostat.

Our current climate plan: move to Oklahoma.

Don’t fret: the G7 leaders pledged in June to hold the globe’s average temperature from rising past 2 degrees Celsius — setting it exactly where it’s supposed to have been all this time.