It looks like Call Me Cait’s tanking ratings aren’t the only thing Caitlyn Jenner has to worry about. According to the Los Angeles Times, detectives will send evidence to prosecutors next week that could lead to misdemeanor manslaughter charges against the former Olympian turned reality show star stemming from Jenner’s involvement chain-reaction car crash that caused the death of a woman in February:

If guilty, Jenner could spend up to a year in jail. From the Times:

The evidence will be presented to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office next week. Prosecutors will review the case and decide whether to formally charge Jenner. Typically, a single misdemeanor manslaughter charge could carry a sentence of a year in jail.

Flashback: Jenner won an ESPY award for courage in July despite having killed someone in a car accident earlier in the year:

Now let’s see if the DA acts or if Jenner’s celebrity wins the day.



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