As we reported, Hillary Clinton had quite the awful press conference in Las Vegas yesterday where she seemed totally unprepared to answer questions on the FBI investigation into the use of her private email account.

Hillary was described as “testy” during the exchange with reporters:

Matt McDermott of the Democratic polling firm Lake Research Partners, however, is on the case and thinks The Hill’s description of Hillary as “testy” is incredibly sexist:

But is it really? Answer: Nope! From Grammarphobia:

Q: A headline on Politico about an exchange between Hillary Clinton and an NPR reporter said, “Hillary gets testy over gay marriage.” It strikes me as inappropriate to use a word derived from the male reproductive organs to describe a woman.

A: The word “testy” doesn’t refer to the testes. It comes from an entirely different part of the human anatomy—the head.

In the 14th century, English adopted “testy” from testif, an Anglo-French term derived from teste, the Old French word for head and the ancestor of the modern French word tête.


Of note, it’s not just The Hill that is using “testy” to describe Hillary. Today’s New York Times, for example:

And the Washington Post:

And Business Insider:

And an affiliate of NBC:

And Politico (again):


And in today’s Chicago Sun-Times:


Sorry, word cops! Testy as an adjective to describe Hillary Clinton is accurate, not sexist and here to stay!