Hillary Clinton has graced social media today with a fantastic animated GIF which perfectly sums up her crumbling defense of her private email server. Clinton stuck around following a campaign event to meet with the press, and it was Fox News’ Ed Henry who threw her off her game by asking if she had ever tried to wipe the hard drive of her private email server.



Clinton’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, sprung into action on Twitter to defend his boss.

Or maybe it was just today that news broke that someone had tried to wipe the server clean, not just delete the emails. Big difference.

Kendall is Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, is who currently being pressured by Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to reveal when, why, and from whom he received security clearance to carry around Clinton’s possibly top secret emails on a thumb drive.

There’s a big difference between erasing files and wiping the hard drive, which is meant to zero-out all data on the disk beyond any chance of recovery. It’s in those cases when the forensics folks at the FBI step in, just as they have here.

Last month, Fallon only had to maintain the story that all known emails were turned over.

Both the press and public have long lost patience with that narrative, though.