Yes, we know: President Bush played golf too. But while we usually count on CBS News’ Mark “Numbers” Knoller to keep track of the president’s visits to the golf course and with whom, he hasn’t tweeted today. So instead we’ll rely on the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard to keep us up to date.

As Twitchy noted, President Obama’s golf date with Bill Clinton on Martha’s Vineyard this weekend suggested to some that an indictment of Hillary Clinton was even less likely than earlier suspected.

Today’s diversion from the stresses of running the country: another round of golf. Better that the president be holding a  golf pencil than his famous executive order pen.

Remember that time President Obama told More magazine that living inside the political bubble made “the people with whom you surround yourself in those rare private moments all the more important,” and he was fortunate to be surrounded by women: “In this job, they are my sanctuary.” We think that interview came out right around Father’s Day, when Obama hit the golf course seeking sanctuary from his sanctuary.