Hillary Clinton is on a populist tear tonight going after colleges who dare to charge students for their educations. First up, this tweet on state colleges:

So will this be a new federal mandate that controls how each state handles tuition? More information please.

But her second tweet makes even less sense:

Accountable to whom? And we’d love to hear more on how Hillary would implement this one.

But here’s where her Twitter feed gets really funny. Before the incoherent tweets on student loans, her account posted this. No money for the interns, but there’s free coffee!

Question for Hillary: If candidates load up students with debt for internships that don’t pay minimum wage, should they be held accountable, too?

And Tweeters are having some fun mocking Hillary over her free coffee/no pay plan:

Sleeping in a tent on a street in Brooklyn is probably illegal in Mayor de Blasio’s liberal utopia, but we’d love to see some interns give it a try!



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