And, boy, did Hillary Clinton crash and burn today. As Twitchy readers know, she tweeted something so absurd and embarrassing that it should “mark the end of her campaign.” Citizens swiftly mocked the tweet fail with hilarious results. What made it worse? Apparently even grammar is hard for Hillary Clinton.

Jedediah Bila summed it up best. With the added bonus of needing only ONE emoji and not the three that Hillary Clinton requested.

Ouch! And perfect.

While Hillary should actually feel shame and embarrassment, will she?

Double ouch. The truth hurts, Hillary.


Some people notice something even WORSE about Hillary Clinton’s emoji idiocy (Hint: Humiliating)

So, this is doubly embarrassing: Hillary Clinton asks for emojis (no, for real) and this happened …

OMG: Does this embarrassing Hillary Clinton tweet mark ‘the end of her campaign’? (Hint: HOLY COW)

So, this is just embarrassing: How ‘sad’ is Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed? THIS sad [photos]