There’s a rumor going around Twitter that Lieutenant Commander Timothy White, commanding officer of the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, will be brought up on charges by the U.S. Navy for using his personal firearm to return fire against Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez during last month’s attack that claimed the lives of four marines and sailor.

So far, we’ve only seen two sources for the rumor. One source is from former congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West, who wrote yesterday that he had received a text message confirming that Lt. Cmdr. White will be charged:

Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

The text message asked if it would be possible for Lt.Cmdr White to reach out to me. To wit I replied, affirmative.

What kind of freaking idiots are in charge of our Armed Forces — pardon me, our “unArmed Forces”? What would they prefer that Abdulazeez had been able to kill all the Marines and Sailors at the Naval Support Reserve Center?

But the second source of the rumor is what has our attention. Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb — a former Senator and former Secretary of the Navy — is saying the exact same thing as Alan West. Webb tweeted last night:

And followed up today:

Whoa … if true.

Update: Apparently the U.S. Navy has denied that it seeks to charge Lt. Cmdr. White. From

UPDATE: A spokesman for the U.S. Navy on Sunday denied reports that disciplinary charges will be filed against Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White for discharging an unauthorized weapon on federal property.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.