The University of Cincinnati is reportedly closed down this afternoon as police officers prepare for potential riots over the death of an unarmed man who was killed by university cops during a traffic stop last week.

Samuel Dubose, 43, who is black, was shot and killed by white UC Officer Ray Tensing after Tensing reported that he was “dragged” by Dubose’s vehicle and “had to fire.”  The shooting, called “not good” by Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell, was captured on Tensing’s body camera and is set to be released today:

And we’re seeing reports that the video is so graphic that the University of Cincinnati has been shut down and officers are telling students to leave campus:

From what we’re reading, it looks like officer Tensing will be indicted as well:

And in a weird twist, the attorney who successfully defended George Zimmerman is reportedly now advising the Dubose family:

Stay safe, Cincinnati.

Update. Officer Tensing has been indicted:


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