One of Planned Parenthood’s — and their supporters’ — most trusty complaints when it comes to being exposed as the baby butchers they are is about how the damning videos were obtained. Secrecy is bad, they cry! We were duped, they sputter!

But as tweeter @back_ttys reminds us, it wasn’t so long ago that Planned Parenthood was singing a different tune:

Oh, and let’s not forget their angry claims that they’re just victims of “deceptive editing.” Turns out that outrage is, shall we say, selective.

Remember this one?

Planned Parenthood slams Live Action for ‘edited videotapes,’ slimes Romney in deceptively edited ad; Update: NYT agrees

Not only has Planned Parenthood’s butchery been laid bare, but so has their hypocrisy.



Media muzzle: Let’s compare NY Times reporting of Planned Parenthood video with Romney vid (it’s enraging)

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