Yep. And how depraved is that? Lapdog media is showing its true twisted colors once again lately.

Bingo. Plus, they are afraid of this too:

Foul. Good little lapdoggies, begging for a bowl of kibble from Planned Parenthood butchers.

Infuriating. And it is continuing. After the third ghastly Planned Parenthood video was released (the most gruesome one yet) this morning, some people noticed something quite telling from lapdog media:

Hmm. Fancy that. How curious! They are probably trying to synchronize their spin.

Will media finally show they actually have souls? Will libs as well?

Yep. Except no need: Lapdog media and liberals are concentric circles on a Venn diagram. What is happening with the reporting of the Planned Parenthood atrocities is exposing that even more.


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