Well, it never hurts to be reminded where pro-aborts’ priorities lie.

“Raising Hope” actor and avowed lefty Lucas Neff is outraged — outraged! — over reports about Planned Parenthood:

“Absolutely disgusting and despicable. And ILLEGAL.”

But he’s not talking about Planned Parenthood getting caught boasting about trafficking in fetal organs. No, what really gets his goat are the reports that Planned Parenthood was hacked.

Yeah, that’s the real crime here.

Boy, he’s charming. Isn’t he? Just don’t you dare try to question him:

Because when you do attempt to reason with him, he’ll have no choice but to bust out the big guns:

Got that, haters?

But what do we know? We’re not scienticians like he is:

Just bask in the glow of his scientific knowledge!

Bask in it!

“A pile of goop.”

Neither is humanity, clearly.

Uh-oh … now you’ve done it. You’ve gone and told him off! Well, at least he’s respectful of differing opinions …

Yeah. Only Lucas is allowed to tell women what’s what!

Hey, wait a second … that doesn’t sound very feminist of him. Wait, what are we saying? He’s a lefty, he’s pro-abortion … he knows what women want!

Mansplaining’s totes legit when a pro-abort does it.

Way to represent your side, Lucas!

Like we said: Charming.

He’s just showing you anti-choicers how to be compassionate. Or something:



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