In case you missed the news, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed resurrected the Pulitzer prize-winning comic stip, “Bloom County,” earlier this month after a 25-year absence and immediately went after one of his favorite targets, Donald Trump.

Breathed issued a challenge to the 2016 presidential candidate over on his Facebook page, writing that if Trump can prove “NO shared DNA” between his “head fur” and that of his pet Lhasa Apso,” then the “Really Loaded Friends of Bloom County” will pay a charity of Trump’s choice $2,000,000.

The post then included an image of a cashier’s check from billionaire Mark Cuban made out to “Armed Border Patriots”:

Cuban has been making waves of late saying he doesn’t think Trump has enough money to run for president:

We have no idea, however, if Cuban is in on the joke. And as dogs and humans do share “a core set of DNA,” Breathed knows that he’s in no risk of losing the bet (or Cuban’s money).

Breathed hinted that the return of “Bloom County” after so many years was in part due to Trump’s decision to run for president. From CNN:

Though Breathed didn’t give a specific reason, he alluded to the appearance of a certain billionaire presidential candidate as an impetus.

“This creator can’t precisely deny that the chap you mention had nothing to do with it,” he said in response to Larry Warshall, who posited that Donald Trump had prompted Breathed to bring back the “Bloom County” gang.

Bloom County only appears on Breathed’s Facebook page, and so far, Trump has been Breathed’s main target. For example, here’s Sunday’s strip:


You can see the rest of the new Bloom County cartoons here.