So they’ve got that going for them:

From The Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration is preparing to release convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, according to U.S. officials, some of whom hope the move will smooth relations with Israel in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal.

Such a move would end a decadeslong fight over Mr. Pollard, who was arrested on charges of spying for Israel in 1985 and later sentenced to life in prison. The case has long been a source of tension between the U.S. and Israel, which has argued that a life sentence for spying on behalf of a close U.S. partner is too harsh. For decades, Israel has sought Mr. Pollard’s early release only to be rejected by the U.S.

Now, some U.S. officials are pushing for Mr. Pollard’s release in a matter of weeks. Others expect it could take months, possibly until his parole consideration date in November. Some U.S. officials strongly denied Friday there was any link between the Iran deal and Mr. Pollard’s prospective release, saying that any release decision would be made by the U.S. Parole Commission.

Now, this is also worth noting:

The thing is, whether or not the Iran deal is playing a role in its decision, the fact remains that the U.S. government is seriously considering releasing a man convicted of espionage against this country. That’s problematic, to put it mildly.

Hey, President Obama? Those optics you’re always so worried about? They’re bad. They’re really, really bad.

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