At least that’s what Brad Woodhouse is yelling about:


“Here we go again. The New York Times prints a bogus story on Hillary Clinton’s emails, and, within no time at all, Trey Gowdy and his ‘Select Committee to Destroy Hillary Clinton’ put out a statement making even more outrageous claims and demands,” said Brad Woodhouse, President of Correct The Record. “It’s not a coincidence.”

“Time and time again, the New York Times has had to walk back its claims about Hillary Clinton’s emails. The common thread is thin sourcing, excess hype, and a tag-team rollout with the hyper-partisan, Republican-led House Benghazi circus–which has abandoned any pretense of investigating that tragedy in favor of simply harassing Hillary Clinton for political dividends.

“This whole thing is a farce. Elijah Cummings, the ranking member of the committee, flagged that the State Department Inspector General directly disputed that any criminal investigation was called for at all. Now, the Justice Department is flatly denying that any criminal referral was received.

See? Elijah Cummings thinks Hillary’s the victim of a hit job! And Hillary thinks it might’ve been a heat job. So really, what more proof do you need? If it’s good enough for Brad, it should be good enough for all of us!

Oh, and just in case you’re unfamiliar with Correct The Record:

Correct The Record

In other words, they’re a joke — just like Dear Ol’ Brad.



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