Yesterday we reported that State Department spokesman John Kirby refused to answer a question on “side deals” between the IAEA and Iran on its nuclear program.

Well that didn’t work out so well so the White House finally admitted that there were indeed side deals and dispatched Secretary of State John Kerry to brief Congress and explain what’s going on.

And that didn’t go so well either as John Kerry reportedly told those he briefed that he had not seen the side deals either and doesn’t have the documents:

The briefing was described as “contentious.” You think?

And there are still questions:

So, what’s in those agreements anyway? It certainly doesn’t sound like the White House is going to let Congress see them to find out for themselves. From The Hill:

The White House on Wednesday acknowledged the existence of so-called “side” agreements between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency that have sparked new arguments against the Iran nuclear deal.

National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Wednesday rejected GOP assertions that there are “secret” side deals to the Iran pact, but pledged that lawmakers would be briefed on their contents in classified briefings.

“We’re satisfied with them and we will share the contents of those briefings in full in a classified session with the Congress,” she told reporters. “So there’s nothing in that regard that we know that they won’t know.”

In other words, “Trust us!” No, really … that’s what they’re saying:

And the IAEA won’t tell Congress what’s in the side deals either:

This just gets better and better!

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas was on “Morning Joe” this morning, ripping John Kerry for “washed his hands” of the side deals with the IAEA , like “Pontius Pilot. “Ouch:

Over to you, President Obama. What are you hiding?



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