As Twitchy told you, Planned Parenthood is apparently trying to get out in front of even more damning undercover footage. And it seems MSNBC is determined to help them any way they can:

Irin Carmon wastes no time [emphasis ours]:

Planned Parenthood, under fire for a heavily-edited video suggesting the organization violated federal law in facilitating the donation of fetal tissue, says it believes future videos may make racially-charged claims. The health provider and advocacy group also says the anti-abortion group posing as a medical research procurement company may have had access to the inside of its clinics, jeopardizing “our patients’ privacy and dignity.”

Shameless. Absolutely shameless.

You bet they are. The Center for Medical Progress indeed released the full, unedited video the day the story broke.

But the truth is just too dang inconvenient for MSNBC. So they’ll ignore it.



‘Pop-freaking-corn’! Sounds like Planned Parenthood is terrified of getting even MORE busted

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