As Twitchy reported, presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley (but not Hillary Clinton) today stopped by “the tenth annual gathering of the Netroots” in Phoenix, Ariz., to present their platforms and verify their progressive credentials. Things descended into chaos, though, when #BlackLivesMatter protesters took over the stage and microphone, leaving O’Malley and Sanders little more than audience members standing awkwardly on stage.

Supposedly moderating the panel was illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas, who essentially surrendered control of the panel in deference to the #BlackLivesMatter protesters. Isn’t a moderator supposed to prevent that from happening?

Good job, good effort.

Maybe next year. As for today, Bernie Sanders didn’t seem to appreciate the format of the event.

* * *


Someone from Netroots issued an official statement on the candidates being shouted down.