We’re learning more about Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the killer of 4 U.S. Marines in Chattanooga, Tenn. yesterday, and it’s terrifying.

Multiple media outlets in Cleveland are reporting tonight that Abdulazeez was briefly employed by at Perry Nuclear Power Plant near Cleveland, Ohio in 2013, but failed to pass a background check:

From WKYC NBC 3:

The man who opened fire at two military facilities in Chattanooga, killing four Marines and injuring three others, is Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

WKYC has confirmed that he worked and lived for a time in Northeast Ohio.

FirstEnergy confirmed to WKYC’s Investigator Tom Meyer that he also worked at Perry Nuclear Power Plant from May 20 to May 30 of 2013.

FirstEnergy said he left because he didn’t meet the minimum requirements to remain employed. He worked as a electrical engineer right outside the nuclear reactor, which they say he did not have access.

From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

“He failed to meet our minimum requirements for employments,” she said. “In the ten days during the screening process, he was classified as a conditional employee.

Abdulazeez and other applicants attended general training classes at the plant’s administration building while FirstEnergy did background checks.

“He was inside the plant. He did not have any company documents. He was received like any member of the public,” Young said.

Some of Perry’s employees watching television coverage of Thursday’s events recognized Abdulzzeer and told the Perry’s managers, who on Friday informed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The Perry nuclear plant is located on Lake Erie, roughly 40 miles northeast of Cleveland, Ohio.



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