Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the nuclear deal with Iran announced this morning “a stunning historic mistake,” and every current Republican candidate for 2016 has gone on record calling the agreement a bad deal. “We never sought anytime/anywhere inspections,” Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

Never sought anytime/anywhere inspections? That certainly doesn’t sound like the claim of someone negotiating from a position of strength, but is it even true?

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes points Rhodes to an article from the April 6 edition of the Times of Israel:

In his second interview, on Channel 10, Rhodes also claimed the new arrangements ensure “anytime, anywhere” inspections of any and every Iranian facility — contradicting complaints by Israel that no such provision is guaranteed.

Asked directly if the IAEA would have anytime, anywhere access, Rhodes said, “Yes, if we see something that we want to inspect.”

“In the first place we will have anytime, anywhere access the nuclear facilities,” he said, referring to “the whole supply chain.”

Not so fast. Let’s let Rhodes have a chance.

What’s this “key” business? Which facilities are those?

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