Yep! On the heels of Scott Walker’s announcement of his presidential run, Democrats and the lapdog media (concentric circles on a Venn diagram) are running scared. As Twitchy readers know, an incredibly lame “scoop” (no, really. Look at it) was offered up right away. Guys, the Grafton County Republican Party chairman questioned Scott Walker’s foreign policy knowledge! Game changer, right? Sigh.

What makes it even worse? This:

Well, that sure puts it in brutal (for the media) perspective, doesn’t it?

Good lapdoggies! There will be some extra kibble in your bowls today.


Prediction: Will THIS be next media ‘scoop’ on Scott Walker? (Probably. Because, pitiful)

Good grief! Media scrambles to bash Scott Walker; This ‘scoop’ is beyond pitiful [photo]

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