Schadenfreude-licious! That tweet was just so yummy that we had to highlight again. As Twitchy readers know, AFL-CIO head goon Richard Trumka attempted to attack Scott Walker. Here’s his tweet again, just because it is so moronic:

What a fail!

Yes … and here’s why:


The mockery was swift and sure. Take it away, Twitter!

Bingo. Scott Walker should thank him for the ringing endorsement.

Make it happen.


So, this is embarrassing: Did this union goon offer the lamest attack on Scott Walker yet? (It’s mock-tastic)

This ONE point about Walker ‘scoop’ vs. Hillary says it ALL about media; What it says is infuriating

Prediction: Will THIS be next media ‘scoop’ on Scott Walker? (Probably. Because, pitiful)

Good grief! Media scrambles to bash Scott Walker; This ‘scoop’ is beyond pitiful [photo]