New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority spent a reported $76,000 on its ad campaign to discourage manspreading on the train before the city began cracking down for real and making arrests. Can you believe these placards had virtually no effect on behavior?

Now, a billboard in Memphis urging men to pull up their pants is starting to gain attention nationwide, and best of all, it’s not a government initiative but a private effort by an area insurance agent, who put up the $6,000 out of his own pocket.

Davis told News Channel 3 in Memphis, “If you want to be upwardly mobile, you can’t present that image to people who are qualified to make a decision about you.” He also spoke about his own experience in the Civil Rights Movement: “We didn’t fight for thuggish mentality, we fought to create for the generations who came behind us to move up a little higher.”

If President Obama can use the word “thugs,” Davis certainly has earned the right.