As Twitchy reported yesterday, Ellen Pao, CEO of Reddit, resigned amid a revolt of angry Redditors upset that Victoria Taylor, director of communications and liason between the site’s users and its volunteer moderators, had been terminated without explanation.

The New York Times gave its take — or takes — on Pao’s resignation today is a piece which some say started as a news item and became an opinion piece.

The site shows how this:

Ellen Pao, the interim chief executive of Reddit, resigned from the online message board on Friday after a week of ceaseless criticism from scores of angry users over the handling of an employee departure.

Her exit, which the company described as a mutual agreement between her and Reddit’s board, follows a week of unrest in the Reddit community, which is made up of more than 160 million regular users who use the site to talk about anything from current events to viral cat photos.

At one point became this:

Ellen Pao became a hero to many when she took on the entrenched sexist culture of Silicon Valley. But sentiment is a fickle thing, and late Friday the entrepreneur fell victim to a shrill crowd demanding her ouster as chief executive of the popular social media site Reddit.

Ms. Pao’s abrupt downfall in the face of a torrent of sexist and racist attacks, many of them on Reddit itself, is likely to renew charges that bullying, harrassment and ugly behavior are out of control on the web — and that Silicon Valley’s well-publicized lack of interest in hiring anyone who is not male and white is contributing to the problem.


So a story about a female CEO who resigns after firing a popular female employee somehow becomes the tale of a “fighter of sexism” taking on sexist Silicon Valley.

In other words, sounds like the New York Times.