Just call him butter, because Mitt Romney is on a roll. As it turns out, he wasn’t just right about Russia … he was right about China, too.

As the truth about the OPM hack gets progressively uglier, it’s clear that he was on to something a few years back:

Today, intrepid tweeters are hopping in their wayback machines and digging up some real gems.

And it hurts. So. Good.

Here’s just a sample:



Ouch. Well, glad they got a good laugh out of it then.

Pretty embarrassing, no?

It sure is.

That’s certainly a start. Heh.

Editor’s note: Thanks to tweeters like @lachlan, @iowahawkblog, @jimmyprinceton, @neontaster, and many others for their efforts in tracking down so much scorching stupidity.



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