MTV, which old timers will remember was criticized for playing only music videos by white artists, is preparing to air a documentary called “White People,” which Rich Lowry and Leslie Marshall discussed on “The Kelly File” Thursday night.

The words “white privilege” tend to make white people nervous, but viewers ought to watch the program first before judging it, says the director. By the way, the director of “White People” is “undocumented” immigrant José Vargas, who openly flouts U.S. immigration laws while the government sits and watches.

Vargas has us wondering what to expect from “White People,” considering this (now curiously missing) tweet of his from last August.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.39.53 PM

Don’t let the show make you feel guilty, though. It’s only meant to spark constructive conversations — what white people call “generating a dialog.”

So, who’s jazzed to watch Vargas’ take on white people?

Maybe this documentary will help us find common ground after all.



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